Who I Am

Hi! I'm Kayla.

I'm a lot of things. I'm a native Houstonian. I'm a kindergarten teacher. I'm an extrovert who thrives in large social circles. I'm also an overthinker, a deep feeler, and a chronic worrier. I cry almost on the daily (don't worry, it's equal parts happy and sad). I'm intensely vulnerable-- to the point where I frequently make people uncomfortable (oops)-- but I'm completely uninterested in a life that isn't authentic. No apologies to be made here.

I started this blog as a way to catalog all the things I love about my life (with some penance about the things that I don't). This is the life I have created for myself. And this website is my way of staying vulnerable about it. Dr. Brene Brown once said that "two of the most powerful words one can hear when we struggle is 'me too'" and I think there's such a poignant beauty in that simple truth.

I hope you find something here that makes you say "me too". We're all just people, trying to make connections in the world around us.